Marie Curie Global Fellowships, TRILLION project

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      Marie Curie Global Fellowships, TRILLION project 1h

      TRILLION stands for Steering and radiation effects in oriented crystals and their applications implementation into Geant4.

      Crystalline structure is a unique environment for strong-field QED effects involving both high-energy charged particles and photons. A small piece of crystal material could be used as an intense source of X- and gamma-ray radiation, a positron source, a beam manipulation instrument, a compact detector and a compact wake-field accelerator as well. Consequently, a crystal could be useful for a wide range of applications in accelerator physics, high-energy frontier physics, nuclear physics, cosmic-ray detectors, dark matter search and radiation therapy.

      The implementation of both physics of electromagnetic processes in oriented crystals and the design of specific applications of crystalline effects into Geant4 simulation toolkit as Extended Examples to bring them to a large scientific and industrial community and under a free Geant4 license is the main goal of the project.

      Speaker: Dr Alexei Sytov